Evening training exercise – orienteering in Worsley Woods

This evening our weekly training exercise took place in Worsley Woods, where local Boothstown resident and team member Martin Battersby had organised for his team colleagues an orienteering exercise based upon the existing orienteering course in the extensive woodlands.

Martin checked the course himself beforehand, and arriving members at the Roe Green Bowling Club / Greenleach Lane, Worsley, RVP at 20.00hrs were split in to small teams, given an orienteering map and sent on their way for two hours.

Of course as with all things of this nature, there was a large degree of competition, with members trying to identify as many points as possible.

The winning team was our IT gurus and webmaster duo of Equipment Officer – IT and communications Steve Fletcher and Paul Brain, who had been joined part way round by our Chairman Craig Lamb.

Second place went to Steve Nelson and Elaine Gilliland, with Trailing Search Dog Boris a mere sniff behind them.

The exercise concluded at 22.00hrs with a late back arriving team at 22.15hrs of Nick Berry and Steve James being ‘disqualified’ despite their impressive tally of points, due to their late return ! (The judges, or rather their team colleagues’ decision was final!)

In total twenty three team members took part in this exercise, which also saw our four Land Rover defender Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles deployed.