Website reports brought totally up to date with many additions to previous reports from June 1st 2015

Regular website readers may be aware that our website is linked directly to our Facebook and Twitter feed, though sometimes glitches in the system means that not all website reports are then notified on our Twitter feed.

To our many Twitter followers, 2,577 currently, its worth regularly checking our website ‘News’ reports and / or Facebook sites, as lots more is sometimes happening than perhaps is reported within our Twitter feed.

To our website ‘News’ readers, many reports have photographs added at a later date, so it’s always worth going back to see what’s been added, for example a number of photographs of the Smithills Moor wildfire of Thursday evening June 11th 2015, have just been added to the Incident report of that date and the following ‘thank you’ report from LFRS Shaun Walton.

To everybody who keeps in touch with the team, whether that be by our website, Facebook, Twitter or all three! a huge thanks for supporting us and being so interested in what we do on a day to day basis.