Team members attend this evenings MPSRO Business meeting

This evening commencing at 20.00hrs (well 20.05hrs for Garry due to the new door security system!) our Team Leader Garry Rhodes and Steve Nelson, jointly attended the summer Business meeting of the MPSRO – Mid Pennine Search and Rescue Organisation, our regional mountain rescue body.

Representatives were present from Bowland Pennine MRT, Rossendale and Pendle MRT, Holme Valley MRT and SARDA, at the meeting which was held at its usual venue of the Clegg Street, Haslingden, Base / HQ of RPMRT.

The meeting discussed items of a local, regional and national significance, as well as updates from MREW national committees and directions, and training issues.

Within the team ‘news updates’ section, congratulations are in order to BPMRT on the purchase of a new team Land Rover, and on the excellence of HVMRTs DVD.

The meeting concluded at circa 22.15hrs, with the final leavers going at 22.40hrs.

Ian Johnson was welcomed back to the mountain rescue community after a few years away, returning to his old team of RPMRT (where he was a former Team Leader) and almost immediately taking on the role of MPSRO representative to the MREW Equipment sub committee.