Incident 55/2015 – Team called to assist NWAS

This early evening, we were contacted via SARCALL at 17.45hrs by NWAS Broughton EOC and then by Lancashire Constabulary at 17.52hrs, to respond to an incident on the moorland track heading from the end of Crowthorn Road on to Holcombe Moor.

The call was dealt with by our Call Out Contact Steve Fletcher, who after liaison to gather more information, paged out a full team call out message at 18.02hrs.

The report was of a 60 year old male, who whilst driving off-road, had some sort of vehicle accident and was now suffering from shortness of breath. The North West Air Ambulance Helimed 75 had already arrived on scene, but it was not certain that the crew could easily gain access to the casualty in the location that he was in.

Crowthorn caalout 26June15 004

Three of our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulances responded, with our first vehicle mobilising at 18.06hrs from our GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station garage.

At circa 18.07hrs our first responding team member, Steve Nelson, arrived at the Crowthorn Road RVP, with our Bolton Mobile 1 vehicle arriving at 18.15hrs, and our BM2 vehicle at 18.30hrs.

Steve Nelson liaised with the crew of Helimed 75 on scene, who by this time had repositioned the aircraft. The remainder of the team and all vehicles were held on standby at the Crowthorn Reservoir rendezvous point.

A multi agency response had been made to this incident, involving the NWAA Helimed 75 from City Airport Manchester, an NWAS Emergency Ambulance, NWAS HART with their Polaris ATV, numerous Police resources from Lancashire Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police, and Bolton MRT.

Our BM4 vehicle arrived at the RVP at 18.41hrs, closely followed at 18.42hrs by Steve Nelson confirming a stand down, with the male casualty concerned, now reported as being safely on board Helimed 75.

At 18.44hrs a full team pager stand down was made. In total, 18 Bolton MRT members were involved in this incident with a further 4 team members stood down responding.