Incident 57/2015 – Trailing Search Dog assistance to Cheshire SART

Today Cheshire SART were once again involved in the continuation of a search which started for them on Friday evening 26th June, for a missing 32 years old woman, in circumstances giving Cheshire Constabulary now mounting concern as to her welfare.

The search area was again focused around the Appleton Thorn area near Warrington, Cheshire.
Our Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, his usual navigator, Bolton team colleague Elaine Gilliland and Trailing Search Dog Boris, were all requested at 11.30hrs to attend once again the continuing search operation.

Setting off at circa 14.00hrs, Steve, Elaine and Boris, arrived at the search RVP at circa 15.00hrs and spent up to 18.30hrs deployed searching.

With Cheshire SART efforts continuing and Police enquiries on going, Steve, Elaine and Boris left the search once their taskings had been completed, to journey home arriving back at 19.15hrs.