Kind comments on Cheshire SART Facebook site, regarding Bolton MRT and our Search Dogs, amongst other search resources involved, concerning our recent assistance to Cheshire SART on (our) Incidents 56, 57 and 58

Over Saturday 27th June, Sunday 28th June and Monday 29th June, we provided assistance to Cheshire SART via various Bolton MRT assets including our Search Dogs – principally our Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, navigator Elaine Gilliland, Trailing Search Dog Boris, DVSD Search Dog Handler Dave Marsh and DVSD Search Dog Sasha (stood down at the point of deployment) and the full team on Monday 29th June, in the search for a missing 32 years old woman.

The following kind comments have been made by Cheshire SART via their Facebook site;

“We were called out by Cheshire police to search for a missing female in the Appleton Thorn area at 23:05 on Friday 26th July as they were concerned for her welfare.

Cheshire Search and Rescue team members searched through the night and all through the weekend alongside a large number of Cheshire police officers and PCSO’s.

Dog Handler Steve Nelson, navigator Elaine Gilliland (both Search And Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) Wales and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team members) and search dog Boris joined the search on Saturday and Sunday.

A large number of areas were identified for the continuation of the search on Monday and we requested assistance from probationary ALSAR team Merseyside Search and Rescue and also Bolton Mountain Rescue. Steve Nelson called out and coordinated a huge response from SARDA Wales and SARDA England and eight Search Dog Handlers from all across the North West joined the search with a further three available later on.

Merseyside SAR had 18 members and Bolton MRT had 20 members searching or available later in the day.

We had almost every team member out on all 4 days of the search.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the members of the various teams who assisted with the search, an amazing response from everyone to help when it’s needed most.

Absolute professionals.”

The Bolton MRT is proud of its long standing excellent links with our good colleagues at Cheshire SART, and as we call upon Cheshire SART to often help us on searches, we are equally ready to assist Cheshire SART when they call upon us to help them.