Fantastic donation by the wonderfully supportive pupils and teachers at Lowton st Mary’s Primary School, Newton Road, Lowton.

Today,  at 9:15 Life Vice President Tony McNally attended Lowton St Mary’s Primary School assembly.

Over the past few years the school has supported many local and national charities by raising money through a variety of events throughout the school year.

During the assembly the four heads of house within the school gave accounts of how the children had set about raising the money.

At the conclusion of the assembly the four charities present at the assembly, Bolton Mountain
Rescue, The Guide Dogs, Wigan Hospice and Three Wishes Cancer Care were each presented with cheques for £500.
The school has over the past few years contributed over £10,000 to various charities and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team sends its thanks and congratulations to all the children and staff at Lowton St Mary’s for their generous support.

Combined with this latest donation It should be mentioned to all our readers that over the last few years the children at Lowton St Mary’s Primary School, have raised the amazing figure of over £1,500.00 for the Team, an effort for which we are all very grateful.

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