Monthly Vehicles, Trailers, SAR Boat and Base / Headquarters Valet and Vehicle Checks, Search and Rescue Equipment checks

After first dealing with getting through the myriad road closures and diversions in place for today’s Bolton Ironman Event, commencing at 11.00hrs today, 8x team call out list full members and 1x trainee team member, met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for our monthly Vehicles, Trailers, SAR Boat and Base / HQ Valet and vehicles checks, Search and Rescue equipment checks.

(Regardless of our routine checks and cleaning that take place after every use of our Base / HQ and our vehicles and kit, we still carry out this more comprehensive ‘day’ near or on the last Sunday in every month)

Again as per last month, numbers present for today were somewhat lower than usual, with many members being away for this weekend.

Once again we had great support from young Lewis Aspinall, son of our Equipment Officer – Vehicles Neil Aspinall, and an excellent user of the teams water jet kit – beats a water pistol!

Poor Gillian ‘Cinderella’ Leigh of the team was confined to dusting and vacuuming our upstairs rooms, whilst all her ‘wicked sisters’ (webmaster – that should be brothers) enjoyed the sunshine outside, whilst cleaning all our vehicles in preparation for next Sunday’s very special VIP visitors day.