Wednesday Night Training

For tonights regular Wednesday night training, the team once again split into two groups, with the rope team training with Alistair Greenough and Nigel Booth at Bolton North Fire Station, and the water team returning to High Rid Reservoir, tackling a scenario set by Equipment Officer – Water, Dave Cook.

Below follows an account of the session written by Dave Cook:

Tonight our Water Team were again out on the waters of High Rid Reservoir, Lostock, for the second of the “boat based” training sessions. Present for this training was Equipment Officer – Water Dave Cook, Dave Marsh our DVSD Handler along with DVSD Search Dog Sasha, John Dickinson, Ged Clarke, Chairman Craig Lamb and Steve O’Hara.

Upon arrival at High Rid the team was presented with an exercise scenario involving a casualty in the water. The deployment of the SAR Boat was timed and played out in real time with a sense of urgency as if a real incident. After preparing the SAR Boat – involving removal from trailer, inflating to correct pressure, fitting of Outboard Engine and other general preparation, and team members donning dry suits, lifejackets, and helmets, the launch was achieved in an impressive seven minutes, with the exercise casualty (a floating mannequin) recovered to the back to the shore in and equally impressive twelve minutes.


The Team moved on to practice high boat speed casualty approach and after this it was time for Chairman Craig Lamb and Steve O’Hara to carry out their boat capsize drill – the rest of the members who had done this last week looking on, with lots of smiles on faces and jeering. Needless to say this was completed successfully.


Next week shall see the Water Team training on swift water rescue at Burrs Country Park.