Team training this evening, Week 3 of Ropes and Water!

Following on from the previous two Wednesday evening weekly team training sessions, our Rope Group were in training at GMFRS Bolton Central Community Fire Station, and our ‘water babes’ were in training at Burrs Country Park – or rather in training in the River Irwell!

Our Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers Nigel Booth, ably assisted by team colleagues Gary Melia and Heath Doran, made use of the GMFRS Bolton Central Community Fire Station, rope training (roof) building – thanks to GMFRS for the permission to use such, to further demonstrate and then practice two line rope working descents and hauling procedures with much use of the Petzl ID, to their twelve other team colleagues present.

Meanwhile over in Burrs Country Park, Bury, our Equipment Officer – Water David Cook, with help from his son Lucas, as an exercise casualty, set up some water exercises in the River Irwell and the weir.

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Present for this exercise were Bolton MRT ‘Water team’ members Geoff Seddon and Ged Clarke – both of whom instruct groups here in kayaking and canoeing, Nick Berry, John Dickinson, our DVSD Search Dog Handler Dave Marsh and DVSD Search Dog Sasha, with our Team President Bob Hutchinson keeping his feet and other parts very dry and on firm ground acting as photographer for this evenings water exercise.

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