Donation from our very valued friend and supporter David Bisset

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from long standing friend and supporter of the team, David Bisset, a kind letter enclosing a thoughtful £100.00 donation.Way back in August 2005, Iain Bisset whilst climbing with his father and fellow climber David Bisset, at Ousel’s Nest Quarry, Chapeltown, suffered injuries in a climbing accident, to which the team and the ambulance service were called.

Iain thankfully went on to make a full recovery, and soon went back to rock climbing at a high standard, and since this time has also travelled and worked abroad extensively.

Since the accident, David his father, Iain and their family, have become valued, stalwart and very much appreciated, regular supporters and friends of the team.
In his letter, David states;

“Dear Team members,

It is something of a surprise that 10 years has passed since Iain’s fall in Ousel’s Nest Quarry.

Enclosed is a donation to mark our continuing gratitude for what the team did that day.

Regards to all, David.”

As ever the entire team membership extends its sincere thanks to David Bisset and his family, for such continued and very appreciated kind and thoughtful support of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

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