Training exercise this evening looks to the skies

This evening at 20.00hrs, fifteen team operational members met up initially at Crookfield Road car park, Roddlesworth, for an area familiarity exercise within the Roddlesworth Plantations at Roddlesworth / Tockholes.

A group of seven set out from Crookfield Road car park, whilst another group of eight set off from the Roddlesworth Information Centre car park, with a team vehicle key handover taking place at Halliwell Fold Bridge, at the start of the Roddlesworth Nature Trail.

Each party met, and with the key handover guaranteeing their transport back to their start points, as dusk descended, all met up again at the Royal Arms, Tockholes for a drink in the late summer heat.

With tonight forecast to the best for watching the annual Perseid Meteor shower, at one stage the fifteen team members, joined now by our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh and President Bob Hutchinson, resembled a group of ‘on guard’ Meerkats, as stood up in a circle all were gazing skywards for the ‘expected’ 100 meteors an hour free sky show!

Whether it was the midges distracting us or that we were looking in to the wrong place for the ‘radiant,’ only a few saw any meteors.

Still the evening resulted in a great amount of mickey taking as team members Steve Fletcher and Chris Greenhalgh compared their star gazing mobile phone apps ! (Webmaster ; our Team Leader lamented at this stage at not having his vintage 1968 Daily Telegraph Star wall chart with him !)