Incident 62/2015 – Team assists in a missing person enquiry for Greater Manchester Police

GMP this evening were contacted regarding a missing 50 year old man from the Heaton area of Bolton, in circumstances giving concern for his welfare.

At 23.25hrs very late this evening – and with many members having gone to bed early to catch up on their lost sleep from this morning’s early hours call out, the team was paged to provide possible assistance to GMP in the search for the missing man.

The call was answered by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, who was informed Police patrols had already checked out car parks in the Queens Park, Bolton and Moses Gate Country Park, Farnworth areas.

Garry liaised and advised with Officers involved in this missing from home enquiry, whilst team members remained on standby to assist.

It was decided that the team could be stood down until the missing man’s car could be located, and this was paged to the team at 00.25hrs in the very early hours of Friday 14th August.

By this stage team call out contacts Steve Fletcher and Mike Marsh, alongside our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh and Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE had all consulted together regards possible actions.

With most of the team returning to their beds and sleep, team members John Dickinson and Michael Eddleston in our GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station garaged Land Rover, assisted the Police enquiry by further checking car parks in the Rivington and Belmont areas in a continuing effort to locate the missing man’s silver coloured Renault Meganne Scenic car.

In touch with our Team Leader, who in turn was in touch with GMP, their search ended at 02.25hrs, Friday 14th August, with the missing man’s car not being located.

During the team’s early contact with GMP regarding this incident, the possible assistance of Cheshire SART was also established via contact with their Team Leader Simon Lane, should additional resources be required, given the early suggestion of a search in the Moses Gate area.

In total six Bolton MRT members were directly involved in dealing with this incident, alongside Cheshire SART Team Leader Simon Lane.

GMP enquiries continued in to Friday 14th August, with our Team Leader further consulting with a GMP Missing from Home Search Manager the afternoon of Friday 14th August.