Farewell and Happy Retirement to two dedicated kind supporters of the Team for hosting a Team Collection Box for a great many years

On Saturday 29th August 2015, Mr & Mrs Jim Smeaton of Belmont Village Stores and Post Office, High Street, Belmont Village, are retiring and their business is closing down after many years of serving Belmont residents and passing trade.

Since our current Team Secretary Gillian Gregory took over  maintaining  records for our Collection Boxes in 2005, her records show that the Team Collection Box at Belmont Village Stores and Post Office, kindly hosted by Mr and Mrs Smeaton, has raised just under £800.00 for us, thanks to their generosity and that of their customers.

On 17th August 2015 our Collection Box was reclaimed and emptied for the last time by Support Group member Amanda Strickleton.

Gillian has sent to Mr and Mrs Smeaton on behalf of the team, a Certificate of Thanks, along with a retirement card and two metal Mountain Rescue Supporter lapel badges.

All the team membership wishes Mr and Mrs Smeaton the very best for a long and healthy, happy retirement.