BBC News / BBC North West Tonight programme featuring mountain rescue all this week

As we reported within our website ‘News’ dated Tuesday 25th August 2015, this evening will feature the fourth and last part of a short series of reports which have been running all this week on the 18.30hrs

BBC North West Tonight programme covering ‘mountain rescue in the North West.’

Monday featured Patterdale MRT, Tuesday Buxton MRT, and last night – Wednesday 26th August it was the turn of our Search Dogs in SARDA, with a ‘guest appearance’ by Oldham MRT Team Leader Mick Nield, who is also a SARDA England Dog Handler with his air scenting Search Dog Bob.

Tonight sees the last programme, and as the programmes are illustrative and representative of all MRTs, we have already received many comments and thanks as to what we do all as a result of interest generated by the three short programmes to date.

Typical of some of the kind comments we are aware of is this posting on a social media site, made at 18.50hrs on

Monday 24th August, as part of a thread commenting on the first programme;

From Niall Love;

“Bolton Mountain Rescue came to my help last year when I had a mtb accident.

Without their professional training I would have been paralysed without a doubt, my specialist said “I was millimetres from being paralysed.”

They are brilliant.”

Kind words indeed Niall, and best wishes on your continuing path to a full recovery.

(Niall Love, aged 50 at the time, suffered serious neck and spinal injuries in June 2014 when he fell off his mountain bike at Clifton Country Park in Swinton.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team helped to rescue Niall with the assistance of both the North West Air Ambulance and NWAS)

In relation to this incident and Niall’s very serious injury and subsequent on going recovery, please see website ‘News’ items dated Wednesday 10th September 2014, Sunday 29th June 2014 and Incident 56 of Friday 6th June 2014.