Incident 67/2015 – Injured mountain biker at Rivington

At 15.16hrs this afternoon, we were paged by NWAS Greater Manchester Area EOC, initially for help in determining the location of a 999 call they had received, regarding an injured mountain biker.
With three team Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulances, and their nine crew already out in our team area, all were readied to immediately respond, whilst our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh liaised with NWAS EOC to gather more information, and assist them with the incident location.

At around the same time, former Bolton MRT member Andy Ryding, whilst on duty at Rivington in his capacity as a Full time Area Ranger for United Utilities, was approached whilst at Lower House Car Park, Rivington, by a mountain biker who wished to know what the name of the area was as his companion had been injured in a mountain bike accident, on the Old Kates Dingle track nearby.

Determining firstly they had called NWAS, and then liaising with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, Andy quickly determined this was the same casualty NWAS were trying to determine a location for.

NWAS requested that our Deputy Team Leader, who was in a Team Land Rover in the company of our Chairman Craig Lamb, meet the NWAS responding Emergency Ambulance at Lower House car park.

Other team members were stood down, with Chris and Craig meeting up with Andy Ryding around 15.40hrs at Lower House, along with the injured 52 years old male mountain biker, who had a suspected fractured arm.

With the arrival of a friend of the injured mountain biker, the man involved stated he would self admit to hospital, and the responding NWAS Emergency Ambulance was stood down, with our involvement concluding at 16.00hrs.