Indoors for tonight’s weekly training exercise

This evening team members gathered for a 20.00hrs start at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for this weeks training session.

On the programme tonight was casualty primary survey and secondary survey, with the emphasis on practising using MREW Casualty record cards.

The session started with an introduction from our Training Officer Alistair Greenough, who is a very experienced Accident and Emergency Nurse, on the use of Casualty and Patient record forms, and the need to record actions.

Following a question and answer session, all present split in to five groups, each with a Team Trauma Sac, and casualty record cards, to put in to practice the introductory session.

Everybody within each group had the chance to examine, be examined (sadly no great candidates for RADA here!) or to act as the scribe / note taker, with experienced team member Mark Scott assisting Alistair Greenough in providing each group with useful constructive feedback and guidance.


In total twenty five team operational members actively participated in tonight’s excellent training session.

The venue of the Bobs Smithy Public House served as a good location to host a post session debrief!