Team present today at BMC Wilton Fest Event

Excellent sunny and warm weather, with more importantly dry rock, greeted the BMC Wilton Fest Event, held today in the Wilton Quarries system, with activities centred upon Wilton 2 Quarry.

The organisers put on a great event, and we had on display from 10.00hrs throughout the day our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulance, callsign ‘Bolton Mobile 2,’ joined in the afternoon by our Incident Control Vehicle, ‘Bolton Mobile 6.’

There was considerable climbing activity at all grades and for all ages, taking place in Wilton 2, Wilton 3 and the other quarries in the fantastic Wilton Quarries system.

It was great to part of this event, with thirteen operational team members present at various times throughout the day.

Team members Michael Wakerley and Martin Battersby went off in to Wilton 3 to do some climbing, whilst our Equipment Officer – Communications and Lighting Steve Fletcher spent time climbing with some Scout colleagues in Wilton 2.

Team members Mike and Neil setup the team's display early doors, before (most of) the climbers arrive!
Team members Mike and Neil setup the team’s display early doors, before (most of) the climbers arrive!

Old friendships were renewed with former Bolton MRT team member and very supportive friend of the team, Alistair Biggs, Manager and owner of Campcraft, Bolton, who was present with a small retail stand.

With grateful thanks to the kindness of climbers and walkers present, we received £30.18p in donations in our collection buckets, with thanks to the BMC for so kindly allowing us to accept donations at this event.

Later in the day... the quarry walls are a sea of climbing talent!
Later in the day… the quarry walls are a sea of climbing talent!
(picture courtesy of Bob Hutchinson)
Picture courtesy of Bob Hutchinson
Picture courtesy of Bob Hutchinson


With team members looking forward to the start of the BBQ, at 16.20hrs we were paged by GMP to respond to a search for a missing elderly woman, in the nearby Astley Bridge area.

At this stage, the organisers of the Event Raffle kindly presented us with a further £20.00 donation, and a very kind climber passed on to us a £10.00 personal donation wishing us well with the search we were responding too.

The entire team membership passes on its thanks for all who donated to Bolton MRT the great total of £60.18p at this great event, and here’s to next years BMC Area Event.

Please also see website ‘News’ report dated Thursday 3rd September 2015.