Team Collection Day at ASDA Moss Bank Way, Astley Bridge, Bolton

Today our team Support Group held a collection day at the ASDA Moss Bank Way store, Astley Bridge, between 10am and 6pm.

ASDA Moss Bank Way store are tremendous supporters of the team, having previously through their community support programme, purchased waterproof winter salopettes and summer waterproof overtrousers for our entire operational membership.

Team Support Group members Iain Clarkson, Sarah Hindle, Andy Keywoth, Dave Rees, Julie Thompson and Laura Tunnicliffe attended, alongside team operational member Kris Kilshaw.

Kind collection support was also provided by Andy’s wife Haylee Keyworth.

A great total of £269.68p was collected with thanks to the kindness of shoppers at ASDA today.

The teams thanks are expressed to Christine Baldwin, Community Champion at ASDA Moss Bank Way, for her assistance with granting permission for us to hold this collection.

Our search incident of Saturday 5th September 2015, incidentally, actually took place immediately next to this stores location (Please see website ‘News’ report Incident 68)