Team Leader attends todays Greater Manchester Area Chain of Survival Steering Group Meeting

Today commencing at 10.00hrs, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE attended the regular Greater Manchester Area Chain of Survival Steering Group Meeting.

A very packed agenda and some very interesting presentations took place at the meeting, which was hosted by St John Ambulance at their excellent and very modern Headquarters building on Crossley Road, Heaton Chapel, Stockport.

Eighteen representatives were present from a diverse range of organisations, dealing with Cardiac Care awareness,

First Aid training, Cardiac Care response and AED / BLS provision within Greater Manchester County.

Amongst those present were;

  • NWAS Community Resuscitation Team and Paramedic Sara Harris,
  • NWAS Community Engagement Manager and Paramedic Andy Redgrave,
  • Two NWAS Community Specialist Paramedics (two of only twelve in the whole of the UK)
  • University of Manchester Community First aid Trainer,
  • Stockport Council Child Injury Prevention Officer,
  • Wigan MBC / Heart of Wigan, CPR Heartstart Training Officer,
  • Central Manchester University Hospitals CPR training Officer,
  • Liz Yates, a Physiotherapist, representing the Resus Council UK,
  • Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital,
  • Regional Director of St John Ambulance,
  • Regional Training Manager of St John Ambulance,
  • Regional Community Projects Co-Ordinator – First aid Training in Schools, St John Ambulance,
  • Martin Fagan of Community Heartbeat Trust,
  • Rhona Mackinnon of Wel Medical,
  • British Red Cross First Aid Provider Officer,
  • Fundraising Officer working with NWAS,
  • and of course our own Garry Rhodes MBE, of Bolton MRT.

Matters commenced with Sara Harris outlining a review of the groups Terms of Reference, an update on NWAS matters regarding cardiac responses, including the new role of joint Code Red 1 responses by GMFRS assisting NWAS, changes to responses made by the GMFRS CRIT team, the latest round of Cardiac Smart Awards (4th December 2015) and AED use and registration with NWAS within the community.

Presentations included David Blowers, an NWAS Community Specialist Paramedic, who gave an interesting insight in to his work and role as a CSP based in Partington.

Liz Yates introduced the interactive free APP ‘Lifesaver,’ which brought fourth much audience participation during its showing.

An invitation was issued for all to promote and actively support the forthcoming Guinness Book of Records attempt at setting a new world record at CPR relay, which will take place at the University of Manchester, between 7am and 7pm (continuously!) on Friday 16th October 2015 – ‘Manchester Restarts a Heart.’

Rhona Mackinnon gave a presentation on AED supplier Wel Medical and their fantastic free to use CRR / AED fundraising Kit, plus an overview of their latest AED product range.

Finally Martin Fagan of the Community Heartbeat Trust gave all an introduction to SARAH Law – Social Action, responsibility and Heroism Act 2015.

The meeting concluded at 12.15hrs, with a considerable amount of business conducted, and a date set for Monday 7th December 2015 (subject to confirmation) for the next meeting at the same venue, during which the latest Resus Guidelines to be issued will be outlined.

All present thanked St John Ambulance for their hospitality, the refreshments and biscuits, with one tiny minor complaint from NWAS Community Specialist Paramedic David Blowers that there was no Bamboo on the menu! (you had to be there!)