Team Leader meets Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing and Health, from the University of Bolton

Today at 11am, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ with Greg Bleakley, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing and Health, at the School of Health and Human Sciences, University of Bolton, Deane Road.

Greg approached the team recently, enquiring if the team could assist with delivering a one day session for 1st year Adult Nursing students, who are currently coming to the end of their clinical experience, and who were now required to undertake team building skills learning.

Greg in telephone discussion with our Team Leader last week, thought that Bolton MRT would be an ideal local organisation to provide a one day insight in to such a requirement for the students.

During their meeting today the outline of the envisaged training day, scheduled for Tuesday 20th October 2015, was mapped out by Garry and Greg.

Greg has requested that we pass on our personal experiences of rescues to the students, alongside practical exercise scenarios which will present the nursing students with ‘exercise’ incidents to deal with, providing the thirteen students and some attendant staff members with team building and communications skills opportunities as well as practising their medical expertise and knowledge.

Both Greg and Garry hope this relationship can be developed to form greater links between the University of Bolton and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, and the possible involvement of media students in this same exercise to document the day was also discussed.

This is yet another example of community engagement by Bolton MRT, alongside our core role of providing a voluntary search and rescue service to the local community, and our training for such.