Team training tonight and the focus was on drugs used in mountain rescue

This evening saw an indoor training session take place at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, which commenced at 20.00hrs.

A very intense and comprehensive session, gave a full overview on the Mountain Rescue England and Wales Drug Formulary, which has been issued by MREW for the period June 2014 to May 2017.

Introduced in 1991, this is the sixth revision of the MREW Formulary (Drug List)

An overview of all aspects of this formulary was covered, including Group 1 (Individual), Group 2 (Team) and Group 3 (Optional. Suitably Qualified Practitioners) drugs, their details and characteristics.

This overview was provided by very experienced team member Mark Scott, our current Equipment Officer – Medical, who is MREW Opiate trained.

Twenty nine team operational members took part in this evenings essential session, which is part of our ‘build up’ to the whole team membership taking part in the Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate Course, early next year, which every team member is encouraged to take, and has to be renewed every three years.