This afternoon our Team Leaders visited Handsfree at Trafford Park, Manchester

In our website ‘News’ report on our attendance at the Thursday 6th August Greater Manchester Emergency Services Day 2015, we mentioned that during the day we were visited by three interested persons from ‘Handsfree,’ a Trafford Park, Manchester, based Vehicle Installation Technology Company.

They were particularly interested in our Volkswagen Crafter LWB Incident Control Vehicle, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 6,’ and spent much time with our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, who explained its IT and Communications kit fitment.

It was quickly established that Chris Horrocks, Head of the Emergency Services Division at Handsfree was well known to Chris and our Team Leader Garry, when as a serving GMP Missing From Home Co-Ordinator at the time, he worked alongside the team in a search for a missing person in May 2006 in the Ashley area of north Cheshire.

After spending some time in the company of our Deputy Team Leader and Team Leader, asking many questions on the work of the team, all three from Handsfree made the very kind offer of supporting Bolton MRT by donating some equipment including free fitment, for our Incident Control Vehicle, namely a reversing camera system.

On Tuesday 25th August 2015, at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh met with Nick Rudd, the Chief Engineer from Handsfree, who had very kindly agreed to come to our Bolton Base / HQ and fit a fantastic latest technology reversing camera system to our Incident Control Vehicle.

Not only did Nick supply and fit the reversing camera system, but aware that in discussions between Handsfree and our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, Chris had also mentioned we wished to fit a reversing warning exterior tone system to this same vehicle, Nick had kindly brought along from Handsfree, such a system, which he also duly fitted.

All the installation work was completed very quickly and by early afternoon, our Incident Control Vehicle was fitted with both these fantastic pieces of donated equipment from Handsfree.

The reversing camera system presents a crystal clear and very sharp image, which is actually displayed within the rear view mirror fitting, with the camera itself forming an integral moulding within the roof mounted rear light fitting and will be a tremendous feature on our Incident Control Vehicle.

Similarly the ‘vehicle reversing’ exterior tone warning system greatly enhances the safety aspects of persons around the vehicle whilst it is manoeuvring.

During the latter part of this kit fitment, by Chief Engineer Nick Rudd of Handsfree, Nick was joined by his colleague Chris Horrocks, who came along both to view the on going works and to be given a tour around our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh.

As a thank you for this fantastic donation, the team decided to present Handsfree with a Thank You Plaque.

This afternoon at 14.00hrs our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and Our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh visited Handsfree at their Trafford Park, Manchester Headquarters.

Here they were warmly welcomed by Chris Horrocks, Head of the Emergency Services Division / Head of Group Communications at Handsfree.

Chief Engineer Nick Rudd also introduced himself to our Team Leader, then being joined by Matthew Johnson, Handsfree Company Director.

The next arrival was Councillor John Holden, the Mayor of Trafford in the company of the Mayoral Officer Tony Locke.

Both Garry and Chris, and the Mayor and his Officer, were then introduced to Karen Southwood, Business Development Manager for Handsfree, who in the warmth and full sunshine of their premises car park, were shown Handsfree ‘Products Demonstration Vehicle,’ a Ford Transit absolutely brimming with IT and Vehicle technology equipment.

An excellent buffet then took place with Garry, Chris and the Mayor all guests of Handsfree in their company boardroom.

Back to the car park, and it was time for group photographs in front of our Volkswagen Crafter van based Incident Control Vehicle, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 6.’

Our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh then handed over to Handsfree Company Director Matthew Johnson, a thank you plaque to show our appreciation and our gratitude in regards to the much appreciated kind and very generous support shown to Bolton MRT by Handsfree.

We were then introduced to Scott Cassell, Managing Director of Handsfree, who further chatted about the work of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, with all being joined by Neil Matthews, Handsfree Technical Vehicle Integration Specialist.

By 16.00hrs our visit was over, with a very appreciated kind and firm pledge by all at Handsfree that they would like to further support the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Garry and Chris would like to extend their sincere thanks to all at Handsfree of Trafford Park, Manchester, for their hospitality shown during todays visit, and for the obvious interest shown in the work of the Bolton MRT.

Garry and Chris would also like to thank Councillor John Holden, the Mayor of Trafford and the Mayoral Officer Tony Locke, for their continuing interest in Bolton MRT following our first meeting at the 6th August Greater Manchester Emergency Services Day 2015.

Handsfree is a Fleet Communication / Driver Safety / Vehicle Technology Installation company, with premises at 6 Lumsdale Road, Cobra Court, Trafford Park, Manchester, M32 0UT.