Incredibly kind support shown by Mr John Garlick, following his skydive to raise funds for Bolton MRT, and with thanks for assisting his wife Deborah in January 1996

In January 1996 we were involved in the rescue of Mrs Deborah Garlick at a very wintry and snowy Rivington, when she suffered spinal injuries in an unfortunate snow sledging accident.

Deborah thankfully went on to make a full recovery and was even featured alongside the team on Granada TV in 2004, when our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ was officially opened, thanking the team very publicly on regional television for her safe recovery.

Since her accident Deborah and her husband John, of Warrington, have become much appreciated and very valued friends and supporters of the team, making a great many kind and thoughtful number of donations and equipment purchases for us.

Every Christmas Deborah and John kindly send their grateful thanks to us and extend their Christmas and New Year best wishes to us.

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received in the post the following amazing letter from Mr John Garlick;

“Dear Mr Rhodes,

As I’m sure you’ll remember Bolton MRT provided initial rescue support to Deborah after she sustained a spinal fracture on Rivington Pike many years ago.

Partly thanks to your efforts she made a full recovery following spinal surgery at Preston Hospital.

I have recently completed a skydive and chose to raise funds for Bolton MRT.

I am delighted to enclose cheques totalling £2,275.00 from my network of clients who have supported my fundraising efforts.

I’m sure this will come as a welcome donation and offer my thanks once again to you and your team.

Keep up the good work Garry!

Mr John Garlick.”

This incredibly amazing donation has come as a complete surprise to all of us in the team, and particularly those who are still in the team who remember Deborah’s rescue.

The entire team membership finds itself once again thanking John (and Deborah) for such wonderful continuing support, two friends of the team we truly appreciate.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all of the following who made such kind donations to John Garlick for his fundraising skydive to raise funds for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team;

  • P and A E Timperley,
  • A and B Engineering (ESD) Limited,
  • Light Distribution Limited,
  • Hilclare Limited,
  • The Humber Electrical Engineering Company Limited,
  • Spimin Developments Limited,
  • Martech (UK) Limited,
  • Missing Link Communications Limited,
  • Mullins Associates Limited,
  • Ledlites Limited,
  • Connect Two Limited,
  • C U Lighting Limited
  • Liteplan Limited.

All have been so kind and generous in supporting John Garlick in this wonderful and very kind fundraising effort, towards the work of the Bolton Mountain rescue Team within the local community.