Very kind and thoughtful donation from Mrs Wendy Ellis

On Thursday 27th August 2015, we reported within our website the following;

Today we have received the following very kind and thoughtful comment at 09.45hrs on our website ‘Guestbook’ pages;

From Wendy Ellis;

“Hi, my mum and I would like to sincerely thank members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team when they attended on 18th January, 2015 incident No.22/2015

My father was very seriously ill and the Ambulance was having some difficulty in moving due to the snowy conditions.

They did manage, however, and my mother and I were overwhelmed by the amount of people there helping.

They lined either side of the road and stopped the traffic to enable us to get through.

Sadly my father died two days later hence the lateness of our thanks.

I cannot begin to thank those angels enough for their selflessness and care that morning it meant so much to my mother and I.

We will be donating online and should we ever be lucky enough to win the lottery your team will be at the very top of our list.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you.

I know my darling dad would have been extremely grateful too.

Keep up your magnificent work.”

The entire team membership at the time of our report on 27th August 2015, expressed belated condolences to Wendy and her mum over their sad loss of their father and husband.
Our report for this incident read;

At 10:32 this snowy and very icy morning, as team members were assembled at our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ, ready to depart for an outdoor training exercise, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted by North West Ambulance Service EOC (Manchester) regarding a local incident requiring the teams assistance.

An NWAS ambulance crew was attending a home address in the Bromley Cross area of Bolton, with the report of a very seriously ill patient, however due to the compacted snow and ice on the roads outside this address, there were some initial concerns that the Ambulance crew might need the teams assistance to transfer the casualty to their Ambulance, and then assist the Ambulance get off these local estate roads back to the main road.

The assembled nineteen team members were mobilised in five team vehicles to the address given, as at this stage it was uncertain whether or not a stretcher carry over any distance would be required.

Following our arrival at the incident location at 10:45, the NWAS crew had been able to access the address, transport the casualty to their vehicle, and make progress on the icy roads – with some care.

Team members present assisted the NWAS crew with their exit from the estate, with the ambulance departing for hospital at 11:05.

We are now very pleased to report that dated 28th September 2015, we have received a wonderfully thoughtful donation via the Charities Aid Foundation of £59.36 from Mrs Wendy Ellis.

The whole team membership extends its thanks to Wendy Ellis for so kindly supporting us in this appreciated way.