Kind email of thanks from Trainee Team Member Steve James of Bolton MRT regarding Bolton Mountain Rescue Team Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue weekend of Friday 9th October to Sunday 11th October 2015

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received the following kind email late this evening, 11th October 2015;

“Hi Garry,

Just wanted to say thank you for organising and coordinating the weekend.

It was really good to learn from such a wide range of speakers that gave new insights into the wider world that affects Mountain Rescue.

The mentors and instructors were brilliant, the post exercise debriefings were very positive and focused on the good points with areas to improve rather than being negative and focusing on what went wrong (when it rarely did).

The visits by the various services really helped explain in detail their capabilities but also their equipment on their vehicles.

It helped dispel myths and all the crews were highly complimentary about the team and the ability to work together.

The feedback from everyone was ‘whatever is best for the casualty’ which is a really strong message about the strength of working together in our area.

Meeting new colleagues from other teams who were friendly and sociable from the start was also a highlight.

Everyone, despite their collective inexperience, all helped to support each other and work within our groups.

I hope to meet them again on joint exercises in the future.

A lot of people gave up a lot of time this weekend and it was very much appreciated, especially those that travelled half the country to attend.

I had a hard but thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding weekend.

Thank you once again, Steve.”