Three Bolton MRT team members attended this weekends two day MPSRO Swift Water and Flood Responder Training Course

Commencing on Saturday morning at 09.00hrs, 10th October 2015, three Bolton MRT team operational call out members attended a Swift Water and Flood Rescue Responder Training Course this weekend, organised by our regional mountain rescue body ; Mid Pennine Search and Rescue Organisation (MPSRO)

Organised by Kev Garvey of Rossendale and Pendle MRT, the course saw candidates from MPSRO constituent MR teams gather at RPMRTs Haslingden Base / HQ at Clegg Street, for a full day, up to 16.30hrs of classroom based instruction, leading to a theory assessment.

Sunday 11th October, saw all present on the water (in the water?) at Burrs Country Park, Bury, culminating in a practical assessment.

Team members John Dickinson, Steve O’Hara and our DVSD Search Dog Handler Dave Marsh all attended from Bolton MRT.

We are happy to report two of our attending members successfully passed all aspects of this interesting and informative weekend course, with one team member deferred to the next course.

A personal account of this weekend will appear here soon.