Very kind email of thanks received from HMCG SAR Helicopter Captain regarding Incident 78, involving nineteen year old woman in serious fall down steep northern escarpment of Winter Hill

This morning our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received the following kind email from the Captain of the HMCG Search and Rescue Helicopter involved in the previous night’s rescue incident on Winter Hill.

Dear Sir,

Please can you forward our gratitude to the members of Bolton MRT who were operational last night at the incident at Winter Hill.

Thanks to the professionalism and the communication skills of your team members involved this was a very straightforward and safe recovery of a casualty to the aircraft.

Of particular note was the message concerning the decision to highlight the nearest mast using a flashing strobe and vehicle.

This showed an excellent understanding of night helicopter operations and as the Captain of the aircraft I was particularly grateful for this.

I hope all your team members got home safely and thank you again for your significant assistance.

Kind regards, Line Training Captain and Unit Training Officer, Bristow Search and Rescue, HMCG Caernarfon.”