Congratulations to former Team Call Out list member Mike O’Brien on the commencement of his new career with NWAS

On 21st August 2015 we reported that Mike O’Brien had decided to leave the team for family reasons and to concentrate on a future change in his employment.

Mike O’Brien, joined the team in February 2008, having ‘started’ in the outdoors originally with the Air Cadets.

During his team membership Mike spent some time as a Team Council member in the elected position of Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers.

He also helped with many building maintenance tasks to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, and was involved in the selection of some new team member kit issue items, namely helmets and waterproof mountain jackets.

We are now happy to report that yesterday 19th October 2015, Mike commenced his training in his new career as an Emergency Medical Technician with NWAS.

All his former team colleagues wish him well in his new career, one where we are sure our paths will meet once more in the future.