Incident 82/2015 – search for missing male at Lower Darwen

At 15:36 on the afternoon of Friday 30th October, Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh received a call from Lancashire Constabulary who were requesting the team’s assistance in the planned search on Saturday 31st October for a missing 52 year old male in the area of Lower Darwen, near Blackburn.

As the area to be searched lay within the primary operational area of our colleagues at Rossendale and Pendle MRT, Chris passed the call to their leaders. However due to a prior commitment and given the close proximity to our team area, RPMRT asked if we could take over this particular search, which we were happy to oblige.

Team members Mike Marsh and Steve Fletcher journeyed up to Blackburn at 08:15 this morning to meet with a police missing person search manager, to discuss the search parameters and circumstances surrounding the person’s disappearance. They were joined shortly afterwards by 16 members of Bolton MRT at the designated search RVP at Fishmoor Football Club, Blackburn.

Two search parties spent the morning and early afternoon searching open land between Lower Darwen, Fishmoor and Ewood, and both parties were joined by two Pcs from Lancashire Constabulary.

Team members and Lancashire Constabulary officers stop for a refreshment break during the search
Team members and Lancashire Constabulary officers stop for a refreshment break during the search

Throughout the day our welfare requirements were greatly assisted by the grounds staff at Fishmoor Football Club, who understood the nature of what we had been asked to do, and very kindly allowed us to use their kitchen and toilet facilities. This was very much appreciated by all team members present today.

Lower Darwen 31OCT15 001By 15:26 all designated areas of land had been searched and with no information to suggest further search areas at the time, team members were stood down and returned home.

In total 16 Bolton MRT team members were involved in this incident, accompanied by two Lancashire Constabulary Sergeants and two Police Constables.

Update: at 12:28 on Sunday 1st November, the team were contacted by Lancashire Constabulary with the good news that the missing person had been found, safe and well, outside of the designated search areas.