Incident 86/2015 – Search for a missing person

A third search assisting NEWSART in four days, saw our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson contacted initially on Monday evening, 9th November 2015, to lend his specialist assistance to a search operation near Wrexham, regarding a missing male, commencing the following morning.

At 09.30hrs this morning, Tuesday 10th November, our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, with Trailing Search Dog Boris, and Elaine Gilliland as navigator, journeyed to the search RVP, arriving on scene in the Wrexham area at 11.30hrs to collect a ‘scent item’ to enable their search to commence, which it did at circa 12.00hrs.

Steve and Elaine’s involvement in this search was concluded by early afternoon, and by 15.30hrs this same day they were back at their Bolton home, with enquiries in to the whereabouts of the missing male being continued by Police.

Please see the website and Facebook account of NEWSAR for more details on this search incident.