Visit to Parbold Young Farmers

This evening callout list member Mark Scott headed to Charity Farm near Parbold where the Parbold Young Farmers were having their weekly meeting. Mark had been invited by the group to give an illustrated lecture on the work of the team. The invitation followed the rescue by the team of one of the group, Abbi, who was injured in a long tumbling fall on the steep northern slopes of Winter Hill recently (see incident 78/2015 on Sunday 18th October 2015). Another member of the group, Eddie, was with her at the time and was very supportive of his unfortunate friend while the rescue was under way. Mark had been first on scene at this incident so the group particularly wanted him to visit and give the talk.

Mark spoke for an hour to an audience of about 25 and showed photos and videos illustrating the work of the team and recent incidents, with particular emphasis on casualty care in mountain rescue and helicopter rescue. A Sikorsky S92 Coastguard Search and Rescue helicopter, call sign Rescue 936 from HMCG SAR Base at Caernarvon, travelled to the incident involving Abbi and had winched her aboard on a mountain rescue stretcher prepared by the Team, to be taken swiftly to Aintree University Hospital Liverpool.

The talk generated much interest from the group who then responded with a much-appreciated vote of thanks.

Mark would like to thank the Parbold Young Farmers group for their welcome and hospitality and he was especially pleased to see Abbi had made a good recovery.