Meeting to discuss involvement of Bolton MRT members and content of this years MREW Party Leaders Course

Being held over the weekend of Friday to Sunday 27th to 29th November 2015, is this years MREW Party Leaders Course.

Current team member, MPSRO Training Officer and former Team Training Officer Elaine Gilliland is organising this years course, and today held a meeting to discuss the involvement of some current and one former Bolton MRT member, in instructing and mentoring on this years course being held in North Wales.

Present at this meeting was Steve Nelson, Team Training Officer Alistair Greenough, and Mike Marsh, who has previously organised the MREW Party Leaders Course.

Also present was former Bolton MRT member Gyles Denn.

All will be assisting as helpers, mentors and instructors on this years MREW Party Leaders Course, alongside Bolton MRT team member Paul Brain who could not attend todays meeting.