Wednesday Night Training in Roddlesworth Woods

Tonights exercise tested the teams expertise in problem solving and dealing with difficult extrications.

IMG_2925Organised by Paul Brain, the team members were split into two groups, with a casualty for each group to attend to.

With the vehicle RVP situated at Abbey Village, both exercise casualties were reported to be injured near the embankment of the Upper Roddlesworth Reservoir.

The first group, led by party leader Nick Berry, came across a casualty, Lisa Moran, who had fallen in a difficult location on the metal bridge which crosses the overflow from the reservoir. The exercise location was made extra difficult with the roar of the water, making communication difficult.

The second groups exercise casualty, Jo Brierley,  was located in the basin of the reservoir, down a steep bank. Jo was found by Steven Fletcher, who was trying to catch up with his party, led by Nigel Booth. Steven, using his local knowledge, provided shelter for Jo, before the rest of his party found the exercise location.

The weather also added provided an extra dimension to the extrications with a heavy hail storm and thunder and lightning at one point.

Following the debrief, the team retired to the Hare and Hounds for liquid refreshments and to dry out before heading back to our LBH Base/HQ.

IMG_2928The team would like to thank Jo Brierley and Lisa Moran for assisting the team this evening.