Incident 88/2015 – Longest ever distance travelled deployment for our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler and Trailing Search Dog Boris

On the  afternoon of Tuesday 24th November 2015, our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson was contacted by Police Scotland, for his specialist assistance with an on going search operation for a missing 70 year old woman north of the Inverness area of the Scottish Highlands.

At circa 17.30hrs on the evening of Tuesday 24th November, Steve with Boris, left his Bolton home, for the long evening journey north, enabling him to commence his involvement in this search operation, at the first opportunity this morning of Wednesday 25th November 2015.

Steve with Boris joined other search assets in the search for the missing woman, and commenced a number of trails during the morning and early afternoon, when the good news came that the missing woman had been located by a member of the public, aware of the appeals for help in trying to locate the woman.

Following a debrief Steve with Boris, left for the long journey south for his Bolton home, arriving back in Bolton just after 21.00hrs this evening.

For Steve and Boris, this search operation represents the longest distance they have ever travelled in relation to an operational search, a round trip of some 14 hours plus!

(Our other specialist Mountain Rescue Search Dog team within the Bolton MRT, DVSD Handler Dave Marsh and his DVSD Search Dog Sasha, in the course of their operational deployments, have operated as far north as Dumfries and Galloway )

The following report on the successful outcome to this search was reported on the website of the Ross – Shire Journal dated Wednesday 25th November 2015.

Please note the reference to the SARDA Wales volunteer relates to Bolton MRT member Steve Nelson, who is a member of SARDA Wales, he actually travelled to and from his home address in Bolton;

Missing Strathpeffer woman found after massive search.

A WOMAN posted missing from her Ross-shire home has been traced following a major search of the area.

Margaret MacKenzie (70) has been reunited with her family and taken to Raigmore Hospital for treatment after exposure to the elements.

It emerged that amongst those volunteering to assist in the search was one member of the Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) who travelled from Wales to Ross-shire to assist.

Margaret, from Strathpeffer, had last been seen on Monday evening and was reported missing on Tuesday morning.

A major search was stepped up as concern for her wellbeing mounted.

Police this afternoon confirmed that Margaret was traced at around 2.30pm in Strathpeffer today by a member of the public.

A police spokesman said: “She has been reunited with her family and taken to Raigmore Hospital for treatment after exposure to the elements.

“Police Scotland would seek this opportunity to say thank you to colleagues and partner agencies who have assisted in the search.

“Acknowledgement must also be extended to the SARDA volunteer who drove from Wales to provide assistance.”