Team members present on this years MREW Annual Party Leader in Mountain Rescue Course residential weekend

Starting this afternoon to prepare for a course commencement this evening, a small number of Bolton MRT members are involved either in the organisation and as instructors, or as participants in this years annual MREW Party Leaders Course fully residential training weekend.

The weekend is being held at Colymendy Centre for Outdoor Education, Loggerheads, near Mold, North Wales, and is being supported by NEWSAR, with financial support from MREW.

Team member and current MPSRO Training Officer Elaine Gilliland (a former Bolton MRT Training Officer) is an organiser this weekend, with colleague Bolton MRT experienced members Steve Nelson (our Trailing Search Dog Handler) Mike Marsh (a former MREW Party Leader Course organiser) and our Training Officer Alistair Greenough, all lending their support as Instructors / Mentors on the weekend.

Our webmaster Paul Brain is attending with his considerable IT knowledge and experience, to produce the ‘end of course’ DVD of the weekends proceedings (no pressure there then Paul!) whilst former Bolton MRT very experienced member is attending to provide a specific input on the course from his days when employed by the Home Office Forensic Science Service, as well as mentoring on the weekend.

Bolton MRT members Martin Banks, our Treasurer, and our Equipment Officer – Water David Cook are attending as ‘students’ to learn the ways of mountain rescue party leadership, alongside mountain rescue members from other Welsh and English MRTs.

A report on this weekend will be available soon within our website.