Incident 89/2015 – DVSD deployment in support of an on going search operation near Shrewsbury

It has been a very busy period for our specialist Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Team of late, with today being the turn of our equally specialist DVSD Dog Team, in the guise of Bolton MRT DVSD Dog Handler Dave Marsh (of SARDA Ireland North) and his DVSD Search Dog Sasha.

Dave and Sasha deployed early this morning to take part in an on going search operation for a missing 22 year old male, who is believed to have entered the River Severn, in the area of old Dona Prison / Dona Steps, Shrewsbury, around 19.20hrs on the evening of Tuesday 10th November 2015.

Since this time extensive and on going searches have been conducted to locate the male involved, in and around the area where he was last seen.

These searches have involved West Mercia Police, Police Underwater Search Team, NPAS Police Helicopter, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, Severn Area Rescue Association and other search and rescue assets, alongside social media appeals.

This morning Dave travelled down to Shrewsbury in the company of fellow DVSD Handler, Mike Dermody of British Transport Police, also of SARDA Ireland North, with his DVSD search Dog Quincy.

Both Dave and Mike, along with their DVSD Search Dogs Sasha and Quincy, regularly deploy together – with Mike and Quincy having assisted on many Bolton MRT search operations requiring the specialist involvement of DVSD Dogs.

Mike met with Dave at his Bolton home at 07.00hrs this morning, travelling together to the search RVP for today in Shrewsbury, arriving at circa 08.45hrs.

They both commenced their specialist search of the River Severn at around 10.00hrs, alongside and supported by assets from West Midlands Search and Rescue (an ALSAR team) including three of their SAR Boats.

Dave and Sasha, Mike and Quincy, worked an extensive length of the River Severn, in two directions out from where the 22 years old man had last been seen, covering up to Atcham and Cressingham, upriver and downriver of the male’s last known location.

Come nightfall, their specialist search was concluded followed by a debrief at circa 17.00hrs, and their return back up north to their home locations.

Police enquiries are continuing in an effort to trace the whereabouts of the missing person involved.

Please also see the website of West Midlands Search and Rescue for details of todays search operation.