This weeks evening exercise takes place in Terraced Gardens, Rivington

Organised by our Equipment Officer – Water David Cook, tonight’s weekly exercise took place within the hillside Terraced Gardens at Rivington.

1The ‘real time’ exercise scenario concerned the team being called out to the report from NWAS of a confused male in the Terraced Gardens, who had reported himself to be “sat on stone steps.”

With stone steps everywhere being a feature of the Terraced Gardens, this involved quite a search, with the four search parties assembled all relying on their extensive local knowledge of the area.

This Exercise incident was controlled by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and long serving team member Mark Scott, from the exercise RVP at Lower House Car Park.

224 minutes from the exercise brief being handed to our Team Leader at 20.10hrs, the male exercise casualty had been located, and appropriate casualty care commenced, which resulted in his diabetic condition being stabilised.

By 20.55hrs, the male casualty had recovered to state that his daughter had been with him and was missing, so another search was launched on this very damp and chilly evening.

She was located some 5 minutes later, with her condition necessitating a stretcher evacuation back to the RVP at Lower House.

4By 21.30hrs the exercise was concluded at Lower House, with thanks being given to our exercise casualties for this evening ; Father and Daughter, Andy and Sarah Ruaux.

17 year old Sarah Ruaux wishes to be a Doctor, and was particularly interested in how we conducted our casualty care this evening.

Twenty one team Call Out list members took part in tonight’s exercise, alongside one person interested in joining the team.

This same evening our Team Treasurer was at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ putting together a grant application bid – fingers crossed for its success.

5Next week sees our last Wednesday evening exercise of 2015, and will take the form of a Fun Christmas Challenge to our membership organised by our Team Leader and Training Officer.