Very kind substantial donation received from The Rivington, formerly Rivington Village Club / Rivington Bowling Club

We are very pleased to report that on Saturday 5th December 2015, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received the following kind letter and enclosed donation from Rivington Village Club;

“In September we ran an event for the second year, (webmaster; The Rivington 10 Mile 10 Pub Challenge) walking 10 miles, visiting 10 pubs.


It was a great day with a fantastic turnout, all generously giving, resulting in us raising over £5,000.00, – well we thought! however a customer on a work ‘match it scheme’ this week was awarded an incredible £2,500.00 to add to the monies raised, so we have hit the £7,000.00 barrier!

We have supported key Charities and some good causes, seven in all.

We have awarded Bolton Mountain Rescue Team £500.00 and enclosed a cheque.


We hope this can do some good and we will continue to support key Charities.

Many thanks, Neil and Rachel Taylor, The Rivington (formerly Rivington Village Club / Rivington Bowling Club) Horrobin Lane, Rivington, BL6 7SE.”

This is a wonderful and very kind donation, with thanks to Neil and Rachel and all who took part in the September 2015 ‘The Rivington 10 Mile 10 Pub Challenge.’

Our sincere thanks are also expressed to the wonderful customer who raised the £2,500.00 match it at work scheme.

Today, 7th December, the team received a kind email from Neil and Rachel Taylor, with the very kind comment that “the work you do is fantastic.”

Furthermore was the supportive and thoughtful news that Neil and Rachel have kindly decided to support Bolton Mountain Rescue Team at their event next year.

The Rivington 10 Mile 10 Pub Challenge is scheduled next year for Saturday 25th June 2016, and we will be on hand to help and show our support to this event.

The Team is now arranging to present to Neil and Rachel a Plaque of Appreciation to all at The Rivington (formerly Rivington Village Club / Rivington Bowling Club)

We will also be visiting The Rivington shortly to arrange a picture with some team members and Team vehicles, with Neil and Rachel Taylor and their customers