Essential cleaning and maintenance following Incidents 97, 98 and 99 of yesterday, Boxing Day, Saturday 26th December 2015

This morning team member Dave Marsh was up early cleaning our SAR boat after yesterdays use at the flooding incidents, and also moving our ‘Bolton Mobile 4’ Land Rover to our heated garage at GMFRS Bolton Central Community Fire Station, to allow it to further dry out following the ‘wetting’ it received in a flood yesterday.

Our Equipment Officer – Base and Catering Paul Copley meanwhile was replacing our food stocks used on yesterdays incidents.

Meanwhile Ken Oakes, Matthew Hailwood, Training Officer Alistair Greenough, Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers Nigel Booth and Michael Wakerley were all kept busy checking over the kit stowage in the back of our Land Rovers, cleaning the vehicles and drying out some kit used on yesterdays incidents.

Following this and never ones to miss out on an opportunity to practise rope work, yet again Training Officer Alistair Greenough and Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers Nigel Booth, along with others carried out said practices!