Some examples of kind comments received by the team via social media, relating to our Incidents 98 – Prestolee, and 99 – Lower Broughton, of Boxing Day, Saturday 26th December 2015

Julie Ward (NWAS)

I was working Boxing Day for the ‘essential’ service and attended both the floods in Stoneclough and Salford. It was an awful situation. You guys were beyond amazing. I totally take my hat off to you all.

Jodie Crompton

What an amazing bunch of people!!! Thank you for all your help in Stoneclough xxxx you are wonderful people xxxxx

Shez Hardy

Thankyou to u all for helping people in the floods in stone clough. My brother lives in riverside drive and u helped him and all his neighbours thanks so much guys x u don’t get enough recognition so thank u from the bottom of our hearts xxx

Dena Wood

You’re all super stars xx

Adam Adz

You guys do an amazing job!

Kim Michelle Davis

Thank you so much for taking my partner over to rescue our 2 cats xx

Paul Charlton

I live on riverside and myself n fellow residents n the local community are so thankful of your courageous work – well done everybody

Peter Heeley

Great work by BMRT and all the emergency services …. Your all guardian angels x keep up the good work

JoJo Mulholland

Well done Mike n the rest of the teams, thank goodness for people like you n your bravery xx

Jane Charlton

Hats off to you guys for what you have done today for the riverside residents my family & friends

Karen Jessop

What selfless people giving up their own time and on boxing day to help strangers who are in need, very proud of my family member who is one of these selfless people

Bonwen Massey

[G]ood job well done. Lovely to see people who Re happy to help. God bless. X

Pauline Bronks

What would we do without these dedicated people. Thank you. xx