Team Leader attends this afternoons Strategic Coordination Group Meeting, Flooding, Greater Manchester

This afternoon our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was invited to attend the SCG Meeting, held at GMP Force Headquarters, at Northampton Road, Manchester, to discuss the situation update regards the Boxing Day Greater Manchester flood events and their aftermath, including recovery operations, and the likelihood of other immediate future impacts, arising from the imminent Storm Frank.

The meeting commenced at 16.00hrs, with Bolton MRT team member Steve Fletcher also present, accompanying Garry.

Besides those attending the meeting also included telephone conferencing members.

Participants included Senior Officers from all the Emergency Services, Health, Local Authorities (Mainly Chief and Assistant Chief Executives) Highways England, Transport for Greater Manchester, United Utilities, Electricity North West, National Grid Gas, and DCLG.

An update on the likely impact of Storm Frank was given by the Met Office and the Environment Agency.

GMP Superintendent Leor Giladi in the company of GMP Assistant Chief Constable Robert Potts, also present at the meeting, requested before the business started, that he give thanks to the meeting for the work of Bolton MRT and Oldham MRT in assisting GMP throughout the Boxing Day flooding events.

The meeting concluded at circa 16.50hrs.