Incident 12/2016 – Team Water Search Dog deployment to Coventry to search for a missing man from January 31st 2015

Following on from our report dated Friday 1st January 2016, this morning our specialist Water Search Dog / DVSD, deployed to Coventry.

There follows an account by our Team DVSD / Water Search Dog Dave Marsh;

Team Water Search Dog Handler Dave Marsh with Search Dog Sasha and  fellow handler Mike Dermody [British Transport Police] with his Search Dog Quincy journeyed down to Coventry on Saturday 2nd January 2016.

Both Dave and Mike are also members of SARDA Ireland North.

Meeting up at Dave’s house at circa 08-00 hrs, they met up with Dave Cook,[Bolton MRT Equipment Officer – Water] and Phil Davies [member of Oldham MRT].

Arriving at Coventry at 10-30hrs, they met up with a West Midlands Police Search Manager and also West Mercia Search and Rescue Team.

Following discussions, the assembled searchers undertook a search of the Coventry Canal from the city centre basin along a 5.5 mile stretch up to the Hawksbury junction.

The search centred around a 24 year old male who has been missing for eleven months

Supplied and crewed by members of WMSAR, the two boats present provided a ‘working platform’ which enabled the two handlers and dogs to concentrate on the important aspect of the search – mainly watching the dogs for any indication of them making a find whilst operating and searching on the waters surface.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, the search proved to be negative, so after a debrief and with gear packed away, the foursome travelled back to Bolton and onwards, to finish around 19-00 hrs.

Further details on this search can be found within the news pages of the Coventry Telegraph, and the website and Facebook site of WMSART (West Mercia Search and Rescue Team)

This search today represents the first deployment of 2016 for our DVSD Dog team.