Incident 13/2016 – A missing male teenager at Rivington, thankfully quickly resolved

At 10.31hrs this very wet and damp morning, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received a mobile phone call from a concerned member of the public, who whilst walking with her daughter and son in the Rivington area, had become separated from her fifteen year old son, and now on Rivington Pike, had failed to locate her son for a time period long enough to cause her worry, given the wet and cold weather, her sons medical condition and the fact she could not contact her son on his mobile phone.

A kindly member of the public, out walking with her boyfriend had noticed the concern of the mother, found out her worries, and suggested calling out the Bolton MRT, establishing contact via a ‘Google search.’ (we are ordinarily and usually contacted via the Police or Ambulance Control Rooms)

Our Team Leader gathered appropriate information and suggested the mother (from the Penwortham area of Preston) retrace her route back to their family car parked at the Great House Barn Information Centre.

To reassure the concerned mother, who could still not raise her son on his mobilephone, it was decided to send team member Mike Marsh to meet up with her, whilst as a necessary precaution, our Team Leader liaised with Lancashire Constabulary as to the actions taken.

They in turn also tried to contact the ‘missing youth’ on his mobile phone.

At 11.15hrs, with team members Mike Marsh and Heath Doran en route to meet the mother and her daughter at Rivington, and just as team member Steve Fletcher was attempting to try and SARLOC the youths location, the mother re contacted our Team Leader to say she had located her son and all was well.

Lancashire Constabulary were informed, and by 11.20hrs the four team members who had been involved were stood down.

The mother concerned had nothing but praise for the help offered and that she had received from the Bolton MRT, and via our Team Leader asked that thanks be passed on to our three other team members involved and the Police.

She also expressed thanks to the young woman and her boyfriend who seeing her concern, had offered to help her on a rainy windswept Rivington Pike.