Team Recruitment 2016 for Trainee Operational Membership – thirty seven days since we opened for recruitment and we already have a large number of positive enquiries

On Tuesday 15th December 2015, we opened our latest recruitment drive for those interested in joining the operational membership of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team (please click here for a direct link to the report published on Tuesday 15th December 2015)

Already we have had an amazing number of enquiries, twenty seven of which have already completed our on line initial application form and have received further information via email.

These twenty seven are;

  • A 62 years old male Bank Worker, from Atherton (Currently just having joined our Support Group)
  • Husband and wife, 46 years old Project Manager and 38 years old Trauma Nurse, from Westhoughton.
  • A 36 years old male Recruitment Manager from Whitefield.
  • 23 years old female Supervisor from Darwen.
  • A male Management Accounts Assistant, aged 24, from Manchester.
  • 21 years old female Private Ambulance Attendant from Orrell, Wigan.
  • A 56 years old male Counsellor and former GMP Officer, from Kearsley (Currently a member of our Support Group)
  • 35 year old, male Personal Trainer, from Abram, Wigan.
  • 29 years old male Fieldcraft Instructor from Manchester.
  • A 40 years old male Carer and Student from Tyldesley (Currently a member of our Support Group)
  • 33 years old male HGV driver, from Ashton in Makerfield.
  • A male NWAS Paramedic, 23 years old, from Manchester.
  • 53 years old male National Sales Manager, from Wigan.
  • A 33 years old male Business Process Manager from Bolton.
  • 30 year old female Critical care nurse from Feniscowles, Blackburn.
  • A 46 years old, male Practice Manager / Compliance Officer, from Manchester.
  • 29 years old, female NWAS EMT1, from Westhoughton, Bolton.
  • 50 year old female, Retired Nurse, from Heath Charnock.
  • A 43 year old, male BT employee from Radcliffe.
  • A 46 year old, male Garden Landscaper from Bolton.
  • 20 year old, male currently unemployed, from Tyldesley.
  • 57 year old male from Bury, a former Driving Instructor.
  • A 28 year old, female Nature reserve Assistant, from Wigan.
  • 26 year old male, Duty Manager, from Littleborough (Referred to a nearer MRT)
  • 37 year old, male, Director from Orrell.
  • A 25 year old male, Service Engineer from Deane, Bolton.

We have also had three previous recent membership enquiries;

  • From another male NWAS Paramedic, having already attended some team Wednesday evening training exercises to gain an understanding of the team, and having undertaken a hillcraft and moorland navigation assessment afternoon with the team.
  • The other two enquiries relate to a very long experienced male member of a colleague MRT in Cumbria, now moved down to this area, and a female Accident and Emergency Nurse.

All the above have indicated previous experience within the hills and mountains, as walkers, climbers, mountaineers and other outdoor interests.

Any interested persons wishing to join the team, are invited to submit their on line initial application form soonest, as have the twenty seven above.

Our closing date for applications is now fast approaching.

Interested applicants are advised to gain an insight in to the day to day affairs of the team by viewing our daily website ‘News’ features, which will give an idea of the commitment and dedication required to be an operational team member.