Fantastic Casualty Care Training Equipment – CPR Training Manikins, donation received by the team

Following a very kind offer made on Facebook, which was quickly followed up by team members Elaine Gilliland and Steve Nelson, the team received in to service last night, Wednesday 20th January, the very kind free donation of some CPR Training Manikins.

The donation was made by Alan Ward, International Mountain Leader & ISO/HSE Technical Adviser.

In total the kind donation consisted of two brand new Laerdal ‘Little Anne’ CPR Training Manikins, complete with a full spares package of spare ‘lungs,’ wipes and associated manuals.

Also donated as part of this kind support to Bolton MRT, was a brand new Telford Extrication Device Splint.

Alan Ward made similar very kind and supportive equipment donations to our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT and Galloway MRT in Southern Scotland.

The two CPR Manikins have come at a very opportune time for Bolton MRT, and will compliment existing but much older models we have in the team, for use on our forthcoming Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate training weekends which are taking place in February and March this year.

The whole team membership extends its grateful thanks to Alan Ward for this very kind and very opportune equipment donation.