Wonderful donation in advance of the Ye Jolly Crofters Grand Charity Night of 29th January 2016, by a very kind team supporter

Members will be aware of the Ye Jolly Crofters Grand Charity Night being held on Friday 29th January 2016, see website ‘News’ report dated Sunday 17th January 2016.

A wonderful supporter of the team, who always requests anonymity, sent to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE recently, a very kind card, enclosing a wonderfully kind donation of £50.00.

The card stated;

“Please put this donation to the charity night do on the 29th January at the Jolly Crofters.

Sending all my love.

Best wishes.”

This supporter is such a kind friend of the team, and by our records has donated at least £1,210.00 to us since 2009, whilst maintaining anonymity.

As ever we express our very sincere thanks to our wonderful supporter, your kindness is as always appreciated.