This evening we hosted a visit to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by 12th Bolton Beaver Scouts

The following account has been provided by team member Gillian Leigh;

“This evening 3 team members, Paul Copley, Heath Doran and Gill Leigh, were pleased to welcome to our Base / HQ at Ladybridge Hall a pack from 12th Bolton Beavers.

In total twelve Beavers turned up or the event, along with five leaders (Clive Fenn, Danielle Fenn, Kim Worthington, Michelle Broderick and Paula Williams).

To start the evening off there was a brief talk about the type of work we do as a team, followed by a short film.

The Beavers then discovered how to strap someone securely onto one of our mountain rescue stretchers and found out how heavy it is to carry someone.

Next they learned how to apply bandages to someone with an injured wrist.

Finally everyone went outside to take a closer look at one of our Mountain Rescue Land Rover Ambulances, sit inside and set off the sirens.

The evening concluded with lots of goodbyes and promises to wave if they see us out and about.