Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog training this weekend

Bolton MRT Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson (who is a member of SARDA Wales) and his Trailing Search Dog Boris, are undertaking their reassessments in March this year, and their need for continual training is more important than ever.

This weekend colleague Bolton MRT team member Steve Fletcher, has assisted Steve Nelson – and his usual navigator / assistant Elaine Gilliland, with providing some ‘trails’ for Boris to follow, with an exercise in the general area of Wilderswood, above Horwich.

Joining them has been Chris Jones – who is interested in becoming a Bolton MRT operational member, and Damian Timmis of Cheshire Search and Rescue Team.

If any of our supporters / readers feel they could spare some time to assist Steve and Elaine with the continuation training of Boris, then please email our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE at and he will pass on your offer of assistance to Steve and Elaine.