A new ‘team member’ joined the team today

Today our Team Training Officer Alistair Greenough took delivery on behalf of the team, of a very important new addition to the team.

Purchased from SP Services (UK) Limited, this new team member came in a very large padded carry case.

Costing £3,718.75p, this new addition to the team is a full size Advanced Life Support Simulator Training Manikin, specifically a Simulaids STAT Man.

This is a very advanced casualty care training manikin aide, and will considerably enhance our casualty care training, benefitting the entire team membership whilst carrying out such training.

The manikin has a very wide range of features which enables realistic casualty scenarios to be played out.

Alistair also took delivery today , again on behalf of the team, of an Ambu Intubation Trainer (Head), again from SP Services (UK) Limited, at a cost of £670.08p, which will greatly aid and improve our airway training.

Alistair stated he is “very excited by the new and particularly realistic training opportunities these training aids will provide for future team casualty care training sessions.”

Alistair assisted by team members Heath Doran and Nigel Booth ‘unpacked’ both training aids today at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ late this afternoon, with all three commenting on how useful these aids are going to be.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, present at the time, commented on the more than a passing similarity of the Simulaids STAT Man’s face to a certain character from the 1960s American TV Show, ‘The Adams Family,’ hence this manikin may become more familiar in the future to team members as ‘Lurch.’